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Nursery Provision

As you may know, from September 2017 the government is doubling the free childcare entitlement for some 3-4 year olds. All families will continue to receive 15 hours free childcare, but those who meet the government’s new eligibility criteria will receive an additional 15 hours – a total of 30 hours.


A summary of the eligibility criteria:


What is the free childcare deal?
From September 2017, many working parents of 3 to 4-year-olds in England will be eligible for 30 hours of free childcare – rather than the current 15 hours.
This is 30 hours free for only 38 weeks per year – not 52 weeks of the year (equivalent to school term times).


Will my child get it?
Not necessarily, as not everyone is eligible. But everyone will still receive the 15 hours free childcare that is currently available. See the link below to see whether you are eligible. 


What will Betley CE Primary school provide:

  • 15 hours provided from 9am-12pm 
  • Optional extra time available 12-3.25pm (Monday - Friday). Please note no additional charge will be given to parents that apply for funding for the extra 25 minutes a day. Parents that are not entitled to the 15 hours funding the daily afternoon rate remains at £10. From September 2024 this will risee to £12.50
  • Our on-site kitchen can provide lunch for an additional £2.95 a day. 


To get the additional 15 hours, families who meet the earnings criteria will need to make an online application to HMRC.


We have registered for this and our Unique Reference Number (URN) is: 124235


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