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Health and Safety Quality Assurance

Health & Safety Policy Statement

The Board of Governors of Betley CE School recognise their corporate responsibility as an employer to provide a safe and healthy environment for the teaching and non-teaching staff, the pupils and other people who come onto the premises. They will take all reasonably practicable steps within their power to fulfil this responsibility.



The Designated Health & Safety Leads at Betley CE School

The Designated Health & Safety Lead at Betley CE School is: Miss Emily Kirkham.

Gemma Whittingham is the Designated Safeguarding Lead Officer.

In partnership with the H & S Representative Governor from the Board of Governors, they will annually review the Health and Safety Policy via its Finance and Premises Committee that will include Health & Safety as an item on all its agendas.‚Äč

The Designated Security, Health & Safety Governor Lead at Betley CE School is Mr Dennis Morris.


Miss Emily Kirkham, in partnership with the designated H & S Governor Representative,  will draw up the necessary arrangements to secure compliance with all health and safety requirements. Such documents will be written down and the information made available to staff and the Board of Governors.

The Key Manager will monitor, with the H & S Governor Representative from the Finance and Premises Committee of the Board of Governors, the implementation of the arrangements.


Termly H & S School Review

In October, February and June the Headteacher, H&S Lead and the Governor H & S Representative meet to carry out a review of Health and Safety at school.  This includes the monitoring of the internal and external points of the school site.  A report is drafted and circulated to the Board of Governors as part of the ongoing self review and monitoring that takes place at our school.