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Spring Term 2 2022

Marvellous Minibeasts


Last half term, the children wrote about a scene from Much Ado About Nothing. They also wrote about our Spring Walk. They wrote a traditional tale in their own words. They completed two pieces of free writing on a topic of their own choosing.



Fabulous Flamingos

Last half term we focused on Pirates and completed different types of writing on The Pirate Cruncher by Johnny Duddle. 

We launched the writing off by making our own pirate ships that needed to float in a Design and Technology project. We then wrote recounts about the day, making sure it was in chronological order and using different conjunctions.

After this we wrote setting descriptions about Port Royal, where the pirates docked their ships. We had lots of items from the setting to help us describe it, even Captain Purplebeard's mouldy, old sock!

We wrote our own treasure map instructions and had to find treasure around the playground. Finally, we wrote stories based on the Pirate Cruncher, where the pirates met a different monster.


Perfect Penguins


Last half term Perfect Penguins carried out a number of extended writing sessions centred around our topics. 

The children created a newspaper article about the arrest of Don John from Shakespeare’s “Much ado about nothing.”

In addition to this, they created a book review to unpick the story identifying their personal preferences for the story. Describing their favourite parts and characters. 

The children were lucky enough to watch a live play at the end of last half term. After watching “The Hobbit,” Perfect Penguins created descriptions of the dragon’s eye focusing on simile and expanded noun phrases.


Cheeky Chimps


In the Cheeky Chimps, we spent a week looking at a book linked to diversity. This is called The Small Things and tells the story of a boy who is letting worries build up. The book is a little different though as it is all done by pictures. The children have really enjoyed looking in detail at every picture to build the story up and work out what is happening. They have then written their own version of the story.

We have also spent time focusing on William Shakespeare and several of his plays. We began by writing biographies about him, we then moved on to focusing on one of his plays – Much Ado About Nothing. We started by looking at the different characters in the play and their relationships. We then focused on Benedick and Beatrice and acted out scenes based on these two characters. We used this to write our own chat show that would interview the different characters. We then moved on to looking at the wedding in more detail and what the character would feel at this point of the play. We then wrote a letter from a character to another character.