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Spring Term 1 2022

Marvellous Minibeasts

The Reception and Nursery children produced various pieces of writing last half term. They wrote factual pieces based on our topic, People Who Help us and they rewrote stories after listening to traditional tales. The children have worked on using their phonic knowledge and remembering capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.


Fabulous Flamingos

Last half term we were focusing on the book Traction Man written by Mini Grey. The story follows the adventures of an action man doll, who saves different household items from evil villains, while looking exceptional in a variety of costumes. 

We completed job adverts for a new sidekick, newspaper articles, letters to Traction Man, poems using onomatopoeias and adventure stories.


Perfect Penguins

During the Spring 1 half term, Perfect penguins carried out a number of extended writing pieces inspired by our topic "Australia" and their class text "Stories from the Billabong."

The children used the aboriginal stories from the text to give them the basis for planning, writing and editing their own version. The children really enjoyed this and used some wonderfully descriptive language. 

In addition to this, the class learnt about the damage plastic pollution is causing The Great Barrier Reef. They wrote letters to the government demanding that something should be done about the crisis and offering suggestions as to home people can help. 

Finally, the children created shape poems following a repeated pattern about some of the Australian animals they had learnt about throughout the topic. 


Cheeky Chimps

During the first half of the Spring term, the children in the Cheeky Chimps really enjoyed studying the poem, The Highwayman. To begin with they worked in small groups and were given a verse each of the poem. As a group they worked out what was happening in their part and produced a drama piece to show this. This was then all put together so the story of the poem was told group by group. After this, we looked at the characters in more detail and their part in the poem. The children then focused on one character and planned, wrote and edited a diary entry from the perspective of their chosen character. The writing they produced was fantastic. We then continued with poetry as our theme and the children looked at figurative language with poems and wrote a setting description based on a poem that they had chosen.