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Autumn Term 1 2021

Fabulous Flamingos
In Fabulous Flamingos, we have thoroughly enjoyed reading, Paddington. It has enthused and engaged all of the children and prompted some fantastic writing opportunities. The children started the term writing a descriptive piece focusing of senses to set the scene. The children took on the role of Paddington and created a set of instructions on how to look after him. Throughout the term, the children have referred back to the text and confidently structured a letter to Aunt Lucy from Paddington. Finally, concluding the term with an astounding, independent story that they created about Paddington.  It has been wonderful watching their independence in writing grow this term. 
Perfect Penguins
This half term the children have been writing in a variety of genres inspired by our class book, 'Shackleton's Journey.' Shackleton's Journey follows the exciting adventures of Ernest Shackleton as he desperately tries to conquer his quest to complete an expedition to Antarctica. 
The class began the year by creating a persuasive advertisement inspired by the original written by Ernest Shackleton. The children learnt a number of persuasive skills to include in their advertisement to try and persuade people to join the crew aboard Endurance.  
The children read about Shackleton's ship Endurance. Including why she was so suited to the trip that faced her. They used this information to create a persuasive advertisement as if she was for sale. 


The class then looked at examples of diary entries in order to pick out skills that they could include in their own writing. They looked at examples in order to create a tool kit of skills that they then used in their own writing. They picked out key sentence types that they could include as well as presentational features. The children wrote their own diary entry (from a working dog’s perspective) imagining they were one of the working dogs aboard Endurance.  


Class 3 have worked incredibly hard this half term using a range of sentence types including conjunctions, fronted adverbials, inverted commas (for speech and quote) as well as applying the skills they have learnt in previous years independently. 


Cheeky Chimps

It has been a fantastic half term in the Cheeky Chimps and we have thoroughly enjoyed reading our class book - Letters from the Lighthouse by Emma Carroll. 
Set during WWII, the book follows Olive and Cliff as they’re evacuated to the coast of Devon after months of heavy air raids across London. A coded note links the disappearance of their sister Sukie to Devon, and Olive is determined to unravel the mystery. The children have really enjoyed reading this book and are eager to read more to unravel the mystery. 
The children have produced some excellent writing as we have read each chapter. They began by looking at the front cover and discussing what they could see, where there any clues to the story ahead? They have then planned, written and edited some excellent pieces of writing including a description, a diary entry, a suspense narrative, an information text and an informal letter. 
We have enhanced all this writing by learning about the different punctuation and grammar that we can include. So far this term we have learnt to use different types of parenthesis, different sentence types we can include, semi colons and colons for a list and active and passive voice. 
I have been extremely impressed with how hard the children have worked to improve their writing and how amazing their written pieces have been.